OUR Team

Our Leadership Team is Amazing. It's a true story.


Senior Lead Pastor

Pastor Tony and Arlene have been members of MCGBC for 37 years. Serving in a variety of positions as Youth Directors, Sunday School Teachers, Children’s Church and VBS Directors. More recently Pastor Tony was the senior Pastor from 2004 to 2018. They live in Vine Grove and enjoy spending time with their 2 adult children and 4 grandkids.


Senior Teaching Pastor

Alan Thomas and Donna have lived in Meade County since 1991 and have attended MCGBC since 2010.  Alan has served two other local churches as pastor and graduated from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Donna serves as the Praise and Worship director and plays the piano every Sunday.


Lead Deacon

Dave is the man. Dave and Karen (his wife) are super good people. They have been serving the church for years and Karen is an awesome Sunday school teacher too. These are two people you will want to get to know.


Don served as Senior Pastor at MCGBC from 2018 to 2023. Since 2004 he has served in multiple roles such as the Young Adult Sunday school teacher, the Adult Sunday school teacher, Praise and Worship and an Ordained Deacon. He and his wife Rita have two sons and multiple grandchildren that live in Florida.



These people are the real deal. We would describe them as fun loving,  devoted followers of Christ and just good ole folks. They have a slew of grandkids too. lol


Media Director

A true man of God. Phil is a special man and a true testament of God’s grace and mercy. Phil’s media team consist of his grandson Aaron and Cassie Krueger. Together this amazing team manages our Facebook LIVE on Sunday mornings and all media for the service. This team is a blessing.


Deacon & VBS Directors

These people are amazing. Dan and Cassi are some of the most devoted followers of Jesus we know. They are fun to be around and an integral part of the leadership team. Come see them in action.


Baptismal Director

Soft spoken and passionate about his family, Harold is a great man. If you have been baptized at MCGBC in the past 7 years then you may not have known it but this man has assisted. Thanks Harold for all you have done for us. 



Everybody loves Steve. He has served MCGBC for years. He loves traveling and RV’ing and makes a great cup of coffee 🙂